Sleeping Chefke

Do you ever lay in bed wishing you would fall asleep right away? Well, me too! I’ve always been envious of my cats who seems to fall asleep almost any place, anywhere. It’s also very soothing just looking at my cats sleeping. Just to get in the relaxed mode myself as well.

So here it is, for everyone to enjoy.

Some background information.

The cat you see sleeping is our golden Persian cat names Chefke. He loves sleeping here on this chair, but also in his igloo. And of course his favorite person in our household, my husbands lap. He’s a very sweet boy, born in 2018. His golden furry coat is easy to maintain and his kind nature is beyond sweet.

Published by dutchkittycat

Cute cats and kittens, that's all you need to know. ;-) Based in the Netherlands. Enjoying our furry friends.

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