First days of the Litter-Robot #nonspon

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First things first
Does it really work, a self cleaning litter box? Does it change your life and that of your cats, as they claim in their advertisement? It sounded so good, and I wanted to know, so I bought the Litter-Robot 3.

When the Litter-Robot arrived
When the Litter-Robot arrived I was very excited! Finally after so many months of doubting if I should buy it, and finally getting it in my home I couldn’t wait to install it.

But my cats were clueless of my months of deliberating, so all eyes were on them! 🙂
Luckily they were curious from the start and wanted to see what the big new thing in the living room was. Also, when it started to smell like a clean litter box (after putting in new litter) they understood it had something to do with them.

First explore
We decided to let them explore in their own pace. No pressure, not trying to lure them in the machine, just watch and let it happen when the time is right. This is the easiest and most ‘not stressful’ tactic for the kitties, so that’s what we wanted.

By turning on the Litter-Robot, the globe already started turning, and of course I pushed some buttons the first days (to see what all the buttons were for) so they new this was an automated self cleansing litter box. They just didn’t know how it would be activated.

When the Litter-Robot was installed, and we decided to sit in the livingroom and watch what would happen they walked around the machine. They walked, around, behind, started sniffing, walking up and down the Litter-Robot, and even started laying close by.

One by one they went inside, explored and came out again. But nothing happened yet. We went to bed and left the kitties with the Litter-Robot. Knowing it would be safe for them, and hoping maybe the night might be magical.

The next morning
And the next morning we were surprised by a filled drawer. Someone did their duty on the Robot-Litter! Hurray! After sometime we found them in the litter box doing their kitty thing and we knew the ice was broken. From that day they understood what we expected of them. And they liked it. While the turning of the globe was a scary thing in the first days, they got used to it pretty quickly. Our youngest now enjoys looking at the turning of the globe just for fun. Like it’s free entertainment!

After a couple of days
After a couple of days we moved the Litter-Robot to the attic, because it is a rather big machine to have in your livingroom. And as much as I like the litter box, it’s not something I want to see all day. So, up it went to the attic. And as I hoped, the cats understood that it was now on a new location and when they have to go, they walk 2 stairs to go to their private bathroom. That’s how much they like it!

$25 DISCOUNT for you
No more doubts? Great than you’re ready to buy the Litter-Robot! If you do, don’t forget to use this discount link. It will give you a $25 discount! Get your discount here.

Tumtum in our Litter-Robot

Want to listen to my blog instead of reading? Check my podcast!

First days of the Litter-Robot #nonspon Dutchkittycat

When the Litter-Robot 3 arrived I was very excited! Finally after so many months of doubting if I should buy it, and finally getting it in my home I couldn't wait to install it. I'll tell you what happened the first days. This blog + vlog is also available on

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