Litter-Robot review one year later

Last year I bought* the Litter-Robot and wrote a review. Now, a year later I’d like to share my thoughts again. I have some tips for you as well. And remember you can get a $25 discount if you want to buy the Litter-Robot-box.

*Yes, I bought the Litter-Robot, it was not gifted to me by the company. Nor am I paid to write a review.

First of all a positive/negative list


  • Easy to set up (plug & play)
  • Buying less cat litter
  • Always a clean litter box for the cat(s)


  • Expensive 1 time purchase
  • Some smells
  • Sometimes needs a restart
  • Some litter falls out of the litter box

The story so far

Second of all: Hallelujah! It’s been a year of not doing any cat litter scooping! It’s become so normal, so taking some time to appreciate this momentum is the least I can do.

After using the automatic cleaning litter box for more than a year I can say that:

  • All my cats use the litter box without a problem. Even the big chunky cat 😉 It took 2-3 days to get them used to the new litter box.
  • We have 4 cats, 1 bag can last 1,5 – 2 days without changing (this was when we only had 1 litter box. Now that we have 2, this can lead op to 3 – 4 days.
  • The official bags can be replaced with cheap ones from the supermarket, or pets shop, so it’s not necessary to buy expensive bags.
  • The litter box not odor free, the large entrance and waiting time before the litter box starts to turn leaves enough time to get some smells in the room. The carbon filter is not enough for me either, I’ve put some tape in the drawer to make sure no smells are coming through the holes.
  • A total clean of litter box is not needed every week, we do it every couple of months. Depending on how the cats leave the litter box. Some cats can make a mess, especially when they are sick.
  • It’s an investment for years. Yes, it’s expensive to buy. But the cat litter you will not use will be a significant amount over the years, so the investment is worth it. We did some math, and for us it means that after 3 years, we would have spend the same amount on extra cat litter on a normal litter box as the whole machine would have cost. So after using it for 3 years, we will be cheaper off. That’s great!
  • For me personally the most important thing is that I NEVER HAVE TO SCOOP AGAIN!

How is the litter box after 1 year of intense use

The ‘no scoop litter box’ has been used multiple times on daily basis. It’s fair to say it’s not new anymore. In fact, you can see some impacted areas. See photo below. My cats use their paws and nails to clean up after their business. And this is visible on the rubber part. But it doesn’t impact the function of the litter box at all.


  1. Buy cheap bags, saves a lot of money (here’s an example)
  2. Use a discount code when you decide to buy
  3. Use a mat to catch some litter that falls out of the box when the cat leaves


If you’re considering buying a Robot-Litter box, then wait no longer. If you have the money, and the cat(s) then I would totally recommend the litter box. It saves so much time and filthy work on a daily basis. My cats use the litter box without a problem. Even though one of my cats is a very nervous cat.

I’ve never had any issues with the cats being stuck in the machine, it stops automatically when it feels there’s a cat inside. Also, even when my cats were smaller, the litter box felt their weight, and worked perfectly.


What a cycle looks like (no worries, clean litter)

No more doubts? Great than you’re ready to buy the Litter-Robot! If you do, don’t forget to use this discount-link. It will give you a $25 discount! Get your discount here. This link will bring you to the website of Litter-Robot. In the last step of checkout you will see the $25 discount.


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