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This lady has had a hard life. She was left on the streets and lead the life of a stray cat. These beautiful Ragdolls are not made for wondering on cold nights outside so she was brought to a shelter.

In the shelter she med a special lady who took her home. Unfortunately she couldn’t live with the other cats in the house so she was very unhappy. That was the moment we took her in our house.

Whem she lived with us she was so pretty and I suspect she knew. She really knew how to display her beautiful fur and gorgeous eyes. Once every year she would get a hair cut. As you can see in the photo above.

It’s been a few years since we found a forever home for us after living 5 years in our home. She’s with a loving family and having the best time. We have some old footage of her, so once in a while you will see her in some content.

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