Cats and kittens

Golden Shaded Persian cat


Hi everyone, I’m a Persian cat. I have beautiful green eyes and my fur is golden shaded. I love to cuddle especially with my male human friends. I’m very sweet and love to play with my floofy buddy’s as well.

Silver Shaded Persian kitten


Helloooo, I’m Tumtum. At the moment I still live with my mommy and sister at the cattery, but I’m coming to Dutchkittycat in a couple of months. I can’t wait to meet al my new furry friends. I’m going to take my time to grow a little bit more until I’m old enough to leave the nest. See you later!

Silver Shaded doll face Persian kitten


Silver is our newest edition to our kitty family. A silver doll face Persian cat. And what a character he is! He’s very playful -not exaggerating here- and comical. He makes us laugh everyday. He’s scared of nothing. His boldness means disciplining him is hard. As long as he keeps his claws to himself -he’s known to scratch some furniture- he hardly needs any though.


Silver Shaded Persian kitten

Meet Sjonny, a handsome silver shaded Persian kitten. He’s super sweet and loves some affection and tlc. He’s also the most playful kitten ever. We made sure to film all his cute adventures and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Blue point British short haired cat


Hello, I’m the only British one in this household, British short hair to be precise. For some reason my fur is a little bit longer than usual. That’s why I fit in well with all my long haired Persian friends.

Chinchilla Persian kitten


This beauty became the Dutchkittycat logo, needless to say, because she’s just so stunning. Although she’s no longer living in our house we have many photos and videos to have you fall in love with her all over again.

Blue point Ragdoll


Assepoes stayed at our home for 5 years. Her early years as a stray cat were troublesome but we made sure she had a good time at our house. And although she found a forever home somewhere else, we have some videos and photos you might come across on our account.

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