Does Beaphar Play Spray really work?

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What is Beaphar Play Spray?
Well the name is a bit conflicting, as the purpose of this spray is to prevent cats from playing with the wrong ‘toys’. That could be your precious couch, your wallpaper or anything else cats aren’t allowed to play with, aka put their nails in.

With this spray, which you use on the toys, scratchboards etc that the cats are allowed to use, you try to teach them the places they are welcome to scratch, instead of screaming at them when they broke the couch again. So working with the positive instead of the negative! I like that!

So was my cat misbehaving?
No, none of my cats scratch stuff that isn’t allowed. I think it’s part of their soft character. The reason I bought the spray is because we used to have a cat did misbehaved, but that cat is no longer with us. So the bottle was at the back of my cat drawer, and when I saw it again, I really wanted to try it.

Especially my oldest cat, a 4 year old British short hair, who isn’t playful at all. She doesn’t care about cat toys, or playing with us, she just likes to sleep and be around us. Easy to please so to say.

Let’s start!
Our cat usually chills in the attic, and that it exactly where I found her. I took with me a cute fish toy, and she reacted just like I thought she would. Not interested! At all! She refused to even move and after a few tries, she even walked away. Nuf said! Her body language was very clear. No playing!

Using the Beaphar Play Spray
Then it was time to use the spray. Really easy, just take the toy (or scratch wall or any other object that you want to spray) and spray. I used a few sprays. And let the magic happen.

Well, what happened?
It took literally seconds before my cat started to be interested. It wasn’t even dry before she started rubbing her head against the toy. She nuzzled up like crazy! And she wouldn’t let go of the toy either. It was so funny to see, just minutes ago she couldn’t care less, and now it’s like it’s the best gift ever!

So does it work?
Yes! If your cat loves catnip, this spray will work! Immediately! It was like she was in love with the toy out of nowhere, incredible to see. So a big yes!

Any negatives?
Well, the next day I found the toy and give it to my cat again. But it seems the spray was no longer working. So it has to be used often to make the training work. Not a problem, but something to consider, as with behavior problems, you need to be patient, and you need some perseverance.

Where to buy?
You can find it at your local pet store, and also on the Beaphar site, click here.

Maui with her fish toy, loving it!

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