Petlux self-cleaning litter box REVIEW

Litter box: Petlux self-cleaning litter box

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Last month I received the Petlux self-cleaning litter box. As my cats are already used to another automatic litter box, which made the transition to this new one really easy.

This self-cleaning litter box is easy install, and is pretty to look at. It’s not as big as other litter boxes and has an app that tells you all about the status of the machine and how your cat uses the machine.

The dome rotates when the cat has left the litter box. You can set the time to when the rotating should start. The choices are 3 to 60 minutes. This gives you a lot of flexibility. Especially when you have a more scared cat. I’ve set the timer to 3 minutes. This is all done in the app.


You connect the litter box to wifi. This is really easy to set up. Than you open the app. As said the app gives you all kind of information, but also gives you control of the machine, even when your not at home. You can see data which gives you important insights of your cat.

Data stored:
– Weight of cat
– Excretion time per day/month
– Usage time per day/month

Controlled in app:
– Auto mode (turn on/off)
– Cleaning mode (extra turn on/off)
– Odorless mode (turn on/off)
– Empty mode (change the bin liner)

Settings in the app

See all the settings you can use in the app. It gives you all kind of options that makes it so much easier.

The app can tell you lots of info:
– Cat approach or entering
– Cat left
– Cleaning cycle starting
– Cleaning cycle finishes
– Ionic Deodorizer starts
– Weight of the cat
– Excretion time

You can also receive push notifications for all kinds of settings to keep track of your cats going on the litter box.

Most importantly, it tells you when you need the renew the bin liner.

MY REVIEW, honestly!

First of all the litter box is really pretty and modern looking. We have had it in our living room and it really fits in well. The cats love the litter box and as we have 2 self-cleaning litter boxes right now, they use the new and old one. The thing that’s really amazing about this litter box, especially when it’s in an area you stay in a lot: the ionic deodorizer. As soon as this function starts the smells really disappear. This is a-ma-zing! It does make a high noise, but I don’t care, as long as it removes the smells.
If I have to point out a negative, it would be that it makes a little noise. When placed in the living room, you hear this. It’s not a big deal to me, it’s just that it’s advertised as being very silent, and when you’re sitting next to it, you do notice.

The bag liner used in this litter box is 20 liters (45x50cm) which is big! I can go several days without changing it with 4 cats. (and 2 litter boxes). I have found the same size bin bags that are a lot cheaper than the original ones.

As litter filling I use clumping litter, and you can also use Bentonite, Tofu granules size S, Straw granules size S.

I would highly recommend this litter box. It works perfectly and has not shown any flaws yet.

Want to buy the Petlux self-cleaning litter box? Get 5% discount: Use this link. Discount will be visible during the steps of check out.


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