Litter-Robot Review #nonspon

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Does it really work, a self cleaning litter box? Does it change your life and that of your cats, as they claim in their advertisement? It sounded so good, and I wanted to know, so I bought the Litter-Robot 3.

Before I start I want to make it very clear that my blog isn’t sponsored by or has anything to do with Litter-Robot*, and therefor I’m completely honest in my review and let you know all the good and the bad in my experience. Let’s start!

Review of the Litter-Robot

I had seen other cat-influencers talk about ‘their Litter-Robots’ and how happy they were, and how easy it was. It made me a bit jealous, because, as much as I love my cats, I hate cleaning the litterboxes. And it’s a daily chore, which has to be done. I’ve seen these influencers give out discount codes, and I even got one, but it didn’t seem to work for me, for some reason. That’s why I paid the full price. That’s how much I wanted this Litter-Robot. By the way, I did make sure to get a $25 discount-link for anyone who reads this blog. So you’re good to go. But first read below to see if it’s really what you want.

How it works
You fill the Litter-Robot with clumping cat litter. We already use this, so we use the same litter brand, which made the transition easier for my cats. Set the time you want the Litter-Robot to take before the globe will make it’s turn. This can be 3, 7 or 15 minutes. Default is 7 minutes. So the cat has enough time to ‘do his thing’ and walk out without the machine rotating immediately. We left it that way and it works well. The rotation takes about 2 minutes. And the sound is okay. We sleep in the room next to the Robot-Litter, and I’ve never woken up from it. The only downside can be, that if a cat has done a smelly poop, and hasn’t covered it with litter well, you will smell this for some time, before the rotating starts. That’s why I recommend not placing this robot near an eating area. After the waiting minutes the globe automatically starts rotating. Sifting the clean litter from the clumps. And throwing the clumps in the drawer below. This drawer can be opened at any time (don’t do it during rotating of course!) and the sack that’s filled with clumps can be replaced with a clean one.

Is it safe for my cats
From what I can see for my cats: yes! But you have to take some things in consideration:
– Kittens that weigh less than 5 pounds (2,2 kg) shouldn’t use the Litter-Robot unattended. This is because the sensor might miss the weight below this number. They can use it, but you should set the rotation manually. That way you still have the advantage of the ‘no scooping litter box’ but not an automated rotation. When they grow older and heavier, you can change this of course.

When a cat went on the litter box and the timer is set for rotation (this is visible via the red light) but the cat (or another cat) wants to go on the litter box, the rotation will not happen. Even if the litter box is already rotating, it will stop when a cat enters. So no danger there.

How about the smell
Well, that’s a tricky one. I have a very good smell sense, you might even say highly sensitive regarding smells. So yes, I smell an odor. But not all the time, not like a normal litter box, and I know my husband and children don’t have the same experience as I do. So to be fair, it’s a lot less then any other litter box. To reduce smells, we try to replace the sack with clumps at least 2x a week, but more often when needed. The first day(s) the smells are gone. But after 2/3 days it slowly builds up again. Also, the Robot-litter is an open litter box. So when the cat has done it’s ‘ thing’ the poop is in the litter box until the rotation starts, This all comes down to the scooping talent of your cat. If they can cover up their poop, the smell won’t be there. But we all know not all cats are perfect scoopers. 😉

How much work is it
Not much! Changing the sack twice a week and adding some litter when needed. That is not that much work. I would say it takes about 2-3 minutes.

So what about the negatives
Not smell free
So we already know this is not smell free. But it’s much less smelly than a normal litter box.

Not for small cats
Very small cats or kittens can’t use it automated. But you can use the machine manually. When we got our new kitten we rotated manually. This means you can push a button, to rotate, instead of rotating automatically after several minutes. When the kitten was big enough we turned on the timer again.

Litter coming out
What we found out is when the cats jump out of the Litter-Robot some litter flies out with them. That means that the area around the litter box has some litter on the ground. I recommend using a mat of some sort. To collect the loose litter.


Yes, it’s pricy. But I did the math. This machines saves a ton on cat litter! I will be even after 3 years. And I intent to use this litter box for more than 3 years. So if the electronics keep working, I think this will be cheaper after 3 years. And not having to scoop during those 3+ years is priceless!

It’s big!
Speaking of the area, the litter box is not small. It’s quite big! So when you think of buying one, think of a place where you can put this Litter-Robot.

And what about the positives
Need I say more? No I didn’t think so!

Always a clean litter for your cat
Even with more cats in one house hold. My cats love this litter box. 2 of them come to the attic even when they’re downstairs, only to go to the litter box. That’s how much they appreciate the clean litter box.

Less litter garbage
This is under estimated, I think. But with 3 cats we had a lot of litter to throw away every week. Because the litter is reused again and again (only the clean litter!) we throw away only the clumps, not the clean litter. This is more sustainable and cheaper in the process.

Easy to set up
It’s really easy! Plug it in, add the cat litter and go! I can honestly say this is how it works. For more details see my video’s below.

Would I buy it again
Yes! I would definitely buy it again! In fact, if any of my other litter boxes break I will. I’m so happy with the Litter-robot I would love to have another one. But as I mentioned, they are expensive, so we’ll manage for now just with one. But some day….

No more doubts? Great than you’re ready to buy the Litter-Robot! If you do, don’t forget to use this discount-link. It will give you a $25 discount! Get your discount here. This link will bring you to the website of Litter-Robot. In the last step of checkout you will see the $25 discount.

Want to know more?
Read my second blog about the Litter-Robot below. Or read my ‘1 year review‘, where you can read what our thoughts are after using the Litter-Robot for over a year..

First days of the Litter-Robot #nonspon

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Honest Robot-litter review

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* I do have an affiliate marketing link which gives you a $25 discount-link.

Honest Litter-Robot Review #nonspon Dutchkittycat

Does it really work, a self cleaning litter box? Does it change your life and that of your cats, as they claim in their advertisement? It sounded so good, and I wanted to know, so I bought the Litter-Robot 3. This blog + vlog is also available on

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